N O T I C E     B O A R D

        Notice on Vocational training under Skill Development initiative Scheme (SDIS) from DYO
        Cancellation of the tender invited vide memo no. 551(14)/SSM/V-18 dated 17.06.14.
        Cancellation of the applications received upto 15.09.2012 towards recruitment against differenct post of Burdwan Development Authority.
        Notice on EPIC.
        Minutes Of meeting on District Development Monitoring Committee held on 26/05/2014.
        Minutes Of review meeting on Development Issues held on 24/05/2014.
        Notification from MV Section on new scheme of movement of Buses within Burdwan Town.
        Auction Sale Notice from Divisional Forest office, Burdwan.
        RTA Board Meeting Resolution dated 21/02/14.
        Minutes of the District Level Committee (DLC) meeting held on 08/11/2013 for West Bengal Incentive Scheme for MIcro & Small Enterprises.
        List of SPIO/SAPIO in respect of RTI under Burdwan Collectorate
        Notice & information of Digitisation of Ration Card.  ORDER  GuideLine  
        Guidelines for student to apply online pre-metric and post-metric scholarships for SC/ST/OBC student.
        Employment Bank.
        Amendments in the West Bengal Minor Minerals Rules. 2002

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