Burdwan district has always remained at the forefront in promoting digital governance in all important Government departments of the district. With the use ICT, district administration has achieved a lot like better planning, efficient services, transparency towards the citizens & many more. A glimpse of the e-Governance services implemented in the district would discover the efforts of district administration & that of NIC (National Informatics Centre) , India’s premiere IT government organization, towards the objective. The projects implemented are as follows :
Software Design and Development /Software Design and Development
Polling Personnel Deployment System
  User Dept. All District Collectorates and Sub-disvisonal Offices of West Bengal.
  Purpose Random deployment of Polling Personnel at randomly selected polling stations in election process. It also includes preparation of election training schedules and random selection and despatch of EVM. All necessary appointment letters, attendance sheets, schedules, scrolls, check-lists are being generated.
District Website
  User Dept. District Collectorate & viewers throughout the globe.
  Purpose Catter different types of information about Burdwan District to viewers.
District Website
  User Dept. District Collectorate
  Purpose A MIS for catering information (amenities & others) to the citizens have been developed. This is GIS based application and would run over network as web based software. Now, it is accessible to internal users only.
District Website
  User Dept. PG Cell, Burdwan District and several other districts of WB, State Hq. at Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata.
  Purpose Registration of Grievance, Taking Action by sending those to several offices, Sending Reminder to the Investigating Officer, Sending Acknowledgement & information regarding final status of enquiry to the petitioner, Generation of several reports for functioning & monitoring of the system.
  Further improvement Web enabled version with some more features will be released soon.
District Website
  User Dept. VR section, Collectorate
  Purpose Entry of Candidate details and keep track of the VR processing. Candidate is able to see his VR's status position through Web
District Website
  User Dept. Passport Section, Collectorate
  Purpose Issuance of Indo-Bangladesh passport.
District Website
  User Dept. Arms Section , Collectorate
  Purpose To keep record of the Arms registered, Renewal of License, Generation of Defaulter List, Cancelation of License, Status position of the application for the license.
Motor Vehicle Computerization
  User Dept. Transport Department (RTO, Burdwan, ARTO, Asansol & ARTO, Durgapur).
  Purpose Registration of vehicles and all other related jobs like Tax Collection, Transfer of ownership, Change of Address, Technical updating, Insurance update, CF update, New Registration, Issue of Fitness Certificate Registration certificate etc. are done through a robust computerized system known as VAHAN . Driving License related jobs are also done through the software  SARATHI.
  Further improvement Route Permit will be included soon.
District Website
  User Dept. Burdwan-I & II, Durgapur, Katwa Treasury.
  Purpose All treasury cheques are printed, cancelled, updated and delivered under computerized operations. Most reports related to day-to-day operations and monthly accounts are generated from the system. Also, all such treasuries are connected with directorate of treasuries over WBSWAN (West Bengal State Wide Area Network).
District Website
  User Dept. LA Department, Collectorate
  Purpose It deals with land acquisition cases of the district. Record keeping , valuation of property & payment to the land owners are done through this software.
District Website
  User Dept. Implemented in 32 Block Offices by Panchayat & RD Department, Governmnet of West Bengal.
  Purpose It helps the Panchayat Samities to keep Accounts properly.
District Website
  User Dept. More than 100 Nos. offices (different DDOs) in the district
  Purpose Generate various monthly and yearly reports viz. Paybill, Payslip, GPF Schedule, HB Schedule, Schedule of all types of loans, GIS Schedule, HR Schedule, P Tax Schedule, I Tax Schedule, GPF Statement, FORM 16. Also some quieries like Billwise monthly vacancy position, Fund allotment, Fund balance, Billwise gross totals of pay allowance etc.  
District Website
  User Dept. 32 Nos. Block Offices.
  Purpose It keeps accounts and monitoring the provident fund of Land-less Agricultural Labourer.
District Website
  User Dept. 277 Gram Panchayets, 32 Block Offices and NREGS Cell, Collectorate.
  Purpose To record keeping & monitoring the activities of schemes of National Rural Emplyment Generate Act.
District Website
  User Dept. Property Registration office and other 14 sites in defferent blocks.
  Purpose It is a software solution to register property after paying stamp duty & registration fee to the government. All necessary processes relating to property registration have been computerized . Citizens can know the market value of their land from this system. They need not wait for days to register their properties & get the related government documents . Deeds of registration are generated within 45 minutes in 14 Registration offices throughout the district.
District Website
  User Dept. Implemented in 32 Block Offices by Panchayat & RD Department, Governmnet of West Bengal.
  Purpose Activities of Gram Panchayat has been degitised and citizen centric needs have been fulfilled.
District Website
  User Dept.

Office of Superintendend of Agriculture Marketing, Burdwan , Office of the Regulated Market, Kalna, Office of the Regulated Market, Katwa, Office of the Regulated Market, Durgapur,

  Purpose Entering and Sending daily market value of verious Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre crops, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Beverages, Drugs & Narcotics, Forest Products, Live Stock, Poulty, Flowers etc.
District Website
  User Dept. Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Medical College, Burdwan
  Purpose Integrated Didease Surveillance Project has been implemented.
District Website
  User Dept. Block offices.
  Purpose To protect BPL households from major health shocks. Already more than 6000 BPL households have been given smart card for health insurance.
District Website
  User Dept. District Land and Land Reforms Office
  Purpose Computerisation of Khatian-wise Land Records.
District Website
  User Dept. District Court, Burdwan.
  Purpose Computerization of District Court's activities are being implemented.
District Website
  User Dept. 6 nos. Police Stations.
  Purpose Common Integrated Police Application is being implemented.
District Website
  User Dept. Consumer Court, Burdwan.
  Purpose Data entry of Case filing,, Assign date of Admission, Court room proccedings. Query on Disposed cases, categorywise Number of cases, case History etc. Generation of Cause List, Order Sheet, Judgement Sheet, Cause Notice, Arrest Warrant etc.

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